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XP Web Publishing Wizard Client 


  • Windows XP / Vista
    Could not detect your operating system
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
    Could not detect your browser
  • The administrator of the gallery must have granted you permission to upload
  • You need to be logged in to upload

How to install 

  • Right click on this link and select "save target as..."
  • Save the file on your client. When saving the file, make sure that the proposed file name is cpg_###.reg (the ### represents a numerical timestamp). Change it to that name if necessary (leave the numbers)
  • After the download has finished, execute the file by double clicking on it in order to register your server with the web publishing wizard


  • In Windows Explorer, select the files you want to upload
  • Make sure that the folders are not being displayed in left bar of the Explorer
  • click on "Publish xxx on the web" in the left pane
  • Confirm your file selection, Click on "next"
  • In the list of services that appear, select the one for your photo gallery (it has the name of your gallery)
  • Enter your login information if required
  • Select the target album for your pictures or create a new one, Click on "next"
  • The upload of your pictures should start
  • When it is completed, check your gallery to see if pictures have been properly added